Size chart

Shoe size is determined by the length of the foot, expressed in millimeters. There are two numbering systems for shoe sizes - metric and shtymass.

In the metric numbering system, the foot size of a person in millimeters is taken as the basis, while the “step” (interval) between adjacent dimensions is five millimeters. Indicated by the size of two-digit or three-digit numbers: 12, 12.5, 13 or 120, 125, 130.

In the stikhmass numbering system, the foot size of the person in shtihs is taken as the basis - the old French length measure, which is equal to 2/3 cm or approximately 6.67 millimeters.

In order to avoid any confusion or controversy, as a result, you can simply make a mistake when buying a new shoe, we give a table of the correspondence of the sizes of shoes in the type and metric numbering systems